Incarceration Nation lays bare the story of the continued systemic injustice and oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on their own land, told by Indigenous Australians. It’s the beginning of a journey to create conversations and change.

Impact Vision

Incarceration Nation will challenge existing narratives of Indigenous incarceration in Australia and tell the truth of our history, revealing the racist systems that continue to impact First Nations people today – and inspiring audiences to dismantle them for a better future.

The film is a powerful tool for individuals, organisations and communities to start nuanced conversations about racism, justice and sovereignty.

Working closely with our impact partners, we will use this film as a key tool to shift narratives, deepen understanding and motivate meaningful action for change under four key themes:


Understanding and empathy is the starting point of change. You can help us share the truth of Australia’s history and our current incarceration crisis through:

By challenging our biases, we can change behaviour, actions and systems. Personal accountability and action are at the heart of anti-racism. We all have the power to change the narratives and conversations around us when it comes to injustice. Start a conversation and let us know what you learnt from the film.


Those who benefit from racist systems cannot be silent – we need to use our voice and power to advocate for change. We know that pouring billions of dollars into prisons to lock people away is destroying lives, tearing families apart and doing next to nothing to keep communities safe. It’s time to do things differently.

Join us in telling the Government to:


Children as young as 10 years old can be arrested by police, thrown into police cells and locked away in prison.
Children deserve the chance to go to school, play with their friends and learn from their mistakes. Join the campaign to keep children out of prison.
We are calling on state, territory and Commonwealth governments to commit to building no new prisons and instead redirect funds from prisons and policing, into community programs, housing and services. Decades of evidence, reports and Royal Commissions have shown that locking people up is failing. Call on your local MP to watch Incarceration Nation and to take real, tangible action to end the crisis of mass imprisonment.


The film and impact campaign will support the work of our partners and Indigenous-led organisations and empower audiences to take action.

All our impact activities and audience actions will contribute to achieving our impact goals:



Challenge existing narratives of Indigenous incarceration and tell the truth of Australia’s history, increasing understanding of Indigenous experiences, historical trauma and the systems that still impact First Nations People today.



Reveal the impacts of incarceration on individuals, families and communities and build empathy and support for alternatives and justice reform – and restore dignity to those who have been impacted.



Support organisations and campaigns in the Indigenous justice space, particularly Indigenous and community-led organisaitons and movements.



Encourage and facilitate learning, conversations and actions to broaden national understanding of Australia’s history and the racist systems that are still impacting First Nations People today.



Amplifying First Nations voices, stories and solutions.